The Legend

Elegant and subtle ‘Regards,’ come as a gentle gust of Nordic wind. The high quality silk, porcelain, and linen objects embody a fusion between traditional craftsmanship, art, and design. The many gentle touches of the artist’s hands make these limited edition objects distinctive and with a strong character.

‘Regards,’ belong to a home where personalities meet. Imagine a place where every little detail tells a story, where quality is a value of life, and the greatest luxury is being true to yourself. This is where ‘Regards,’ meet You.


Rich in complexity of old traditional techniques yet light and easy as one stroke of ink, ‘Regards,’ embody a gentle correlation between old crafts and modern design objects.

Once you fall in love with it, it stays with you and ads value through time. Just like the calming blue – the more it fades, the more it’s Yours.