About Milena

The collection ‘Regards,’ was born at the studio of graphic artist Milena Grigaitiene in the old town of Vilnius. The many years of experience working with interior designers grew into a desire to create a series of design objects.

The moment of unexpectedness is what makes the artist curious. “In graphic, you never know what the final result will look like,” Milena says.

“One could easily call my work monochromic wasn’t it the blue… Blue inspires me and I always work with the intention of inspiration. Blue is just like the first sprout, the beginning of my creation. Sometimes it disappears during the process, but I believe that the energy stays there.”

The many-layered process of creation seems magical. Milena uses traditional graphic art techniques (e.g. dry point) in a mix with old photo art techniques (e.g. cyanotype). “It enables me to draw the blue into graphic. It also creates the feeling of freedom and easiness,” the artist says.


Personal website:  www.milenaliutkute.com